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Climate change and real estate investment

Richard Levis - 19 OCT 2016

Against the backdrop of the recent historic Paris climate deal, this paper re-visits the topic of climate change and real estate.


The next frontier in EM debt

Mike McGill - 14 OCT 2016

A combination of favourable demographics and positive growth prospects make frontier bond markets among the more exciting opportunities in a fixed income market starved of yield. But selective asset allocation will be critical in a sector where there will be winners and losers.


Shenzen dis-Connect

- 09 OCT 2016

The Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect programme will extend to Shenzhen in November, and potentially to bonds at a later date. International investors are intrigued, yet sceptical.


UK M&A: a shifting landscape

- 03 OCT 2016

Media speculation suggests UK companies are being targeted en masse by foreign rivals keen to pick up bargains after the fall in the value of the pound. The reality is more complex, writes Trevor Green.


UK Economics: Looking ahead to the Autumn Statement

Stewart Robertson - 02 OCT 2016

The trajectory of the UK economy remains uncertain, but will the upcoming Autumn Statement make its future direction any clearer?


Is commercial aerospace starting its descent?

- 28 SEP 2016

Commercial aerospace has delivered strong profits in the past decade, but over-capacity issues are beginning to weigh on the sector.


Finding diversification in a correlated world

Trevor Leydon - 27 SEP 2016

The actions of central banks have helped fuel returns since the end of the financial crisis and increased correlations between assets. Diversification may not seem so important in a world of rising asset prices, but its virtues will become all too apparent when the market turns.